Local Rules

See also Local Rules updated 2022 below

In addition to the Rules of Golf there are several local rules which you can read about below

Penalty for breach of Local Rule (Unless otherwise stated in the Local Rule): General Duty (Loss of hole in match play or two shots duty in stroke play)

Course Marking




Out of bounds



Red duty area



Yellow duty area



Abnormal course condition


White line

Abnormal track condition


Green top mark

Prohibited area


Out of bounds (Regel 18.2)
When the out of bounds ends with double out pins, the pins' single line/south line shows the continued boundary of the course.

The out of bounds boundary on the left of hole 1 is defined by the edge of the tarmac on the approach road to the club.

When playing hole 9, a ball lying on areas cut to fairway height or lower, in the bunker or on the green of hole 3 is out of bounds.

The boundary of out of bounds on the left of hole 16 towards the machine halls is defined by the edge of the asphalt pavement from its start onwards.

When playing hole 17, a ball lying on areas cut to fairway height or lower, or in the bunker on hole 18 is out of bounds.
Abnormal course conditions (Rule 16)

a) Ground Under Work (MUA)

1. Damage to bunkers, such as potholes and furrows caused by running water.
2. Drainage ditches with visible gravel or stone fill.
3. Anthills

b) Invisible manufactured objects near the green Relief from the disturbing effect of an impervious manufactured object may be taken in accordance with Rule 16.1.

The player also has these additional options for taking relief when such inviolable manufactured objects are near the green and on the line of play: Ball on the field of play. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1 if an undetectable manufactured object is on the line of play and within two club lengths of the green and two club lengths of the ball. Exception: no relief if the line of play is clearly unreasonable.

c) Pinned undetectable manufactured object
Palisaded areas begin on the inside of the palisade i.e. towards the water. The player may take relief according to Rule 16.1.

Green (Rule 13)

Exception 2 to Rule 11.1b applies, except when a ball played from the green accidentally hits:

- the player,
- the club used by the player to hit the shot, or
- an animal defined as a loose natural object (e.g. worms, insects and similar animals that can be easily removed)

In this case, the stroke counts and the ball must be played as it lies.

Stopping the game (Rule 5.7)

An interruption of the game due to a dangerous situation is signalled by a long siren signal. All other interruptions are signalled by three consecutive sirens. In both cases the game is resumed with two short sirens. See rule 5.7b.

Means of transport (Rule 4.3)

During a round of competition, a player or his caddie may not travel by any form of motorised means of transport, except when authorised or subsequently permitted by the Competition Committee. Penalty for breach of the local rule: general penalty for each hole where the breach is committed. In case of violation between holes, the duty is imposed on the next hole.

Approved by GGF Rules Committee 2022-02-25

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