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As a holder of playing rights in Vallda Golf & Country Club, you have free access to play on a course that is ranked as one of Sweden's ten best and most fun courses. You can practice freely at the local course and have a number of other great benefits which you can read about below. At present we have around 900 playing rights holders at Vallda Golf & Country Club.

Holder of playing rights at Vallda Golf & Country Club receive

  • Unlimited play at Vallda Golf & Country Club on payment of an annual fee
  • Free access to the padel court (1 booking at a time)
  • Free access to the pitching area (for holder of playing rights only)
  • Discounted green fee for your guest
  • Possibility of junior playing rights for children and grandchildren of playing rights holders
  • Membership in the Swedish Golf Federation
  • 10% discount on Vallda-branded products in the golf shop
  • Free use of trolley
  • Opportunity to purchase 3 discounted green fee vouchers (April campaign)
  • Opportunity to buy range cards at a special price (April campaign)
  • Possibility to buy a value card at Lyxells restaurant (April campaign)

Benefits 2023

Guest of playing rights holder receives 300 kr discount on green fee (applies to one guest). For junior guest, 100 kr discount.

When playing at Barsebäck Resort, the holder of the playing rights receives a 25% discount on the regular green fee.

How to become a playing rights holder at Vallda Golf & Country Club

By subscribing to a B-share in Vallda Golf AB and paying the annual playing rights fee, you become a playing rights holder in Vallda Golf & Country Club. The share can be acquired by a legal or natural person and is personal. A legal entity that owns a share in Vallda Golf AB has the right to appoint a natural person as a playing right holder. By paying the annual playing right fee, all playing right holders have access to the entire golf facility at Vallda Golf & Country Club. We currently have 900 playing rights holders.

Fees for playing rights 2023

The playing rights fee is 9 300 kr including VAT. For juniors up to the age of 10, the fee is 1 200 kr, for juniors between 11 and 16, the fee is 2 750 kr and from the year a junior turns 17, the fee is 3 350 kr. Shareholders in Vallda Golf AB are obliged to pay the annual playing rights fee. Vallda Golf & Country Club does not apply passive membership.

Rental of playing rights

At present, our playing rights holders are fully subscribed, but we arrange the rental of a limited number of playing rights on behalf of shareholders. Price including everything is 13 450 kr for 2022. You can email if you are interested. NOTE! 

Holders of a playing right have the option to "rent" their playing right for a full calendar year provided there is a lessee of the playing right. Playing right rentals are not automatically yearly renewed, but "terminated" unless we hear otherwise. Holders of a playing right need to notify the office of the rental of their playing right before 30 November of the previous year.

Share sale process

Shareholders are responsible for their own sale of shares/playing rights in Vallda Golf AB. 

When selling a share, a share sale form must be filled in and signed by the seller. The form can be obtained by emailing the reception desk at, or by picking it up at the reception desk. 

After agreement, the seller must complete and sign the share sale form and then scan and email it to, or hand it in physically at the reception desk.

The next step in the process is for the buyer to pay the purchase price to the bank account number indicated on the share sale form and belonging to Deer Mountain Golf AB.

Once the payment is registered from the buyer, the payment is made to the seller. Deer Mountain Golf AB does not charge any administrative costs.

Please note that if the seller has unpaid playing rights fees, the unpaid fee(s) will be deducted from the total purchase price paid to the seller. 

The playing rights fee is not included in the purchase price, i.e. any playing rights fee paid by the seller is not transferred to the buyer. In the case of a sale after July, the buyer pays half of the playing rights fee for the remaining season. Please note that the seller's fee is not refundable.

Contact for more information on how to proceed with a sale.

Let your children and grandchildren play

Children and/or grandchildren of our playing rights holders have the opportunity to be a junior member without owning a share. From the year they turn 22, they are seniors. They can also join our junior training until the age of 21.

Contact for more information on becoming a playing rights holder and for information on purchasing shares.

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